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Introducing Lightful’s AI Squad

When ChatGPT was first introduced, the team at Lightful spent hours diving into the world of generative AI to see what it could do. We realised in order to grasp its full potential we needed a team of cross-functional experts to focus on this emerging technology. So we assembled an internal ‘AI Squad’ composed of designers, digital coaches, engineers and product experts. As a result, we have been able to quickly innovate, iterate and prototype ideas with nonprofits, co-creating solutions to their challenges and keeping humans at the centre of the design process.

Jamie Elliot
Head of Technical Operations
07 Aug 2023
Proceeding responsibly - Lightful’s approach to generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Lightful, our commitment to supporting nonprofits in their mission to do the greatest good drives our exploration of the latest technological advancements.

Vinay Nair
24 Jul 2023
AI and social good: what are the opportunities for nonprofits

Over the past few months we have seen an acceleration of news and developments about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can potentially transform the way nonprofits are working. Last month, Lightful was delighted to host a fireside chat with smart tech experts and co-authors of The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in An Automated World, Beth Kanter and Allison Fine.

Róisín McGovern
Digital Training Lead
03 Jul 2023
How small nonprofits and large Trusts feel (differently) about AI

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of running a webinar in partnership with Alliance magazine, shedding light on the (hot) topic of Philanthropy and AI. I was joined on the panel by Karen Gill, Vice President of Operations, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and Catherine Miller, Director, European & AI Society Fund.

Jonathan Waddingham
Managing Director, Lightful Learning
01 Jun 2023
What the breakneck speed of AI means for Philanthropy

A few years ago, the Tour de France had a time trial stage in London. I wasn’t a massive cycling fan, but this was a rare opportunity to watch the world’s most famous cycling race in the flesh, and so I joined the thousands of other people lining the pavements to watch. After waiting an age, and before we saw it, we heard the surprisingly deafening rumble of the peloton. And then, in seconds, it was gone.

Jonathan Waddingham
Managing Director, Lightful Learning
11 May 2023
ChatGPT for the nonprofit sector: Potential and Pitfalls

The latest technical innovation that has got the internet abuzz is ChatGPT, so I wanted to write about what it means for nonprofits. Given that it is a chatbot that can answer pretty much any question, I decided to ask ChatGPT to help me write this blog post to demonstrate how it works. As well as being pleasingly meta, this also shows how it works and its limitations through a sort of human-to-AI interview with my thoughts in parentheses…

Jonathan Waddingham
Managing Director, Lightful Learning
14 Feb 2023

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