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Lightful's Building Resilience Impact Report

Over the past five years Lightful has delivered digital capacity building programmes to over 3,000 organisations across 96 countries.

We’re on a mission to empower nonprofits across the world to future-proof their organisational resilience with our BRIDGE programme - Buildling Resilience in Digital Growth and Engagement.

Click here to download our Building Resilience Impact Report and discover the impact of BRIDGE.

Now is the time to build on the foundations we have created, partner with more incredible funders and support even more change-making nonprofits, so that we can create a more equal, just society for everyone.

Key insights from our longitudinal impact study

Now is the time for collective action

The world is witnessing a growing urgency for equity and justice. Communities across the world are living in a state of multiple crises: environmental, economic, health and social. Now is the time for collective action. Now is our time to come together.

And it starts with the world’s most powerful changemakers - nonprofits and civil society organisations.

These organisations stand at the forefront of transformation, building a better future for people and the planet. But in order to do their work, they need the skills and tools to better tell their story, reach new audiences, build trust, and raise more funds.

The power of digital

Now, more than ever, in a world where Artificial Intelligence, social media and digital tools are integral components of everyday life, building the digital resilience of charities is not just necessary; it's imperative.

As digital interactions become more important, expectations for seamless digital experiences are constantly increasing and charities, like any other organisations, must meet these expectations.

Digital inequity is disempowering the sector, preventing it from reaching its potential, and delivering even more impact. At Lightful, we are dedicated to changing this, providing small and medium sized nonprofits with digital capacity building skills, alongside digital and AI-powered tools, so that we are increasing their durability and #BuildingResilience of nonprofits.

Building resilience in digital growth and engagement

What do we mean by #BuildingResilience? Resilience is the ability to adapt to and recover from changes, challenges and adversity. And we believe that digital resilience can enable this organisational resilience.

  • Digital resilience is having a strategic online presence where your organisation is using the right channels to reach the right audience

  • Digital resilience is telling your organisational story in a way that showcases your impact, and amplifies the voices and perspectives of your service users in an ethical manner

  • Digital resilience is leveraging the power of technology to raise more funds through online giving tools

  • Digital resilience is having the skills and tools to run campaigns that raise awareness, spark movements and combat misinformation and online hate

It’s time to level up the digital playing field for nonprofits.

How is Lightful #BuildingResilience?

We know that organisations with higher levels of digital maturity deliver more impact online and offline. From the largest philanthropic foundations in the world, to the smallest nonprofits, we are working with changemakers to help build digital resilience within the sector.

Bridging the digital skills gap means shifting power to grassroots organisations. They are the experts in their work, they are the megaphones for their community, they are the agents of change. What they do need are the skills and tools to continue their work and drive it forward. And that’s where we come in, empowering nonprofits with the digital skills to communicate, fundraise, and campaign more effectively. And it’s working. We’re building confident, digital ambassadors across the sector, and across the globe through our digital learning programme, BRIDGE.

In 2023, we began the rollout of our inaugural longitudinal impact study. The results from all our survey responses tell their own story around how the simple task of building digital skills creates a positive ripple effect for not just programme participants, but their wider organisation, and the communities they serve. Building digital skills is building digital resilience.

Click here to take a look at our Building Resilience Impact Report.
Hear from a BRIDGE Graduate
Participant from a BRIDGE cohort funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Thanks to the knowledge I gained from BRIDGE, which includes donor stewardship and engagement, creating and implementing effective campaigns, and digital strategies, I have been able to successfully implement online campaigns. These campaigns have been crucial in engaging our stakeholders, including youth, and have also helped to improve support for our work.

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We believe in community-led change, that’s why Lightful was created - to ensure that those doing the greatest good have access to the best technology to support their work. This sector matters, their digital resilience matters. So let’s invest in it. Because when nonprofit organisations thrive, we all do.

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