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Imagine a world where technology strives for the common good, strengthening our capacity to tackle our biggest global challenges. This is the world we imagined when three friends founded Lightful - a technology company for social good

Accessible innovation from trusted experts

Bringing together a world-class team of nonprofit specialists, digital experts, management consultants, designers and developers, we pride ourselves on making innovative technology accessible. This lets our clients' missions flourish by strengthening the relationships between good people and great causes.

How we got here


Lightful founded to give nonprofits the technology they deserve


Social media management tool - the Lightful Social Platform - launched to help nonprofits deliver high-impact campaigns


Lightful Solutions opened to scale the reach of our services


Launch of BRIDGE (Building resilience in digital growth and engagement), our flagship Lightful Learning programme for impact organisations


Our #ReclaimSocial social campaign kicked off, leading to 152 million impressions on social


Achieved B Corp status and launched a COVID 19 response BRIDGE programme helping increase funds raised by 64%


Lightful is voted one of the Top 100 companies to work at by Escape The City

Who we are

Why we started Lightful

In 2015, Lightful was launched by Vinay Nair, Johnny Murnane and Carlos Miranda. Three friends who all had different exposure to the social sector, they all realised the same thing - social and environmental change organisations were not getting the technology they deserved.

With most commercial tech companies often pricing out nonprofits, or offering ‘lite’ versions of their services that compromise on quality or are not tailored to the sector’s specific needs, Lightful made its mission to fill these critical gaps and remove barriers that can hinder progress and change.

It was out of this desire to support charities and nonprofits, educational institutions, trusts and foundations and government and public sector organisations that Lightful was born.

The early years

Before evolving into Lightful (pre-2015), we were a YouTube certified multi-channel network (MCN) known as Thunderboom. Our original intention was to help charities and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes monetise their video content. In those days, Vinay, Johnny and Carlos worked closely with another partner - digital music pioneer, Scott Cohen.

Things changed - as they do - and we eventually pivoted. We left our MCN ambitions behind, Scott pursued other digital content ventures, and we launched our now award-winning Lightful Social Platform. At that time, the company became known as Lightful.

From there we grew our consultancy services - now Lightful Solutions - and developed a comprehensive 12-month course to equip charities with the digital skills and capabilities they need to become more resilient - Lightful Learning's BRIDGE programme.

The present

Through lockdown and the global pandemic, we have worked hard to keep delivering for our partners and ensuring Lightful is a rewarding place to work, albeit remotely.

To preserve our sense of community and foster connections between staff, we have made great efforts to adapt to remote working and improve our internal communication, support and our strategy.

Demand has grown steadily during the pandemic, as we have continued to generate outcomes for clients and partners across our services.

We now offer three services - Lightful Products, Lightful Solutions and Lightful Learning. Each service is different, designed for the different needs of the social and environmental-focused organisations we’re proud to serve and work with.

Our values

Our values are not just words on a page, but concepts to be lived out and balanced every day.

We have taken inspiration from our friends at the wonderful nonprofit, Acumen, who initially created these values:

  • We act with audacity while retaining humility

  • We understand the importance of both listening and leadership

  • We practice generosity while showing accountability

  • These all rest on a foundation of respect and integrity

Our approach

Lightful in the news

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation®

B Corps are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

At Lightful, we put impact at the forefront of everything we do. Our exceptional team works day in day out with amazing clients across a whole spectrum of social and environmental causes. You can learn more about the B Corp movement here.

We are Cyber Essentials certified - guaranteeing your safety

Cyber Essentials is a UK government standard meaning you can trust us that your data and activity will remain secure.

Our systems, policies and processes ensure round-the-clock data protection, and we have the credentials to demonstrate our ability to protect ourselves against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

With Lightful as your partner, you can be confident your technology project is in safe hands. You can find our Cyber Essentials verification here.

We are approved on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace

We are accredited with the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace - a framework to ease and enhance procurement of information and cloud computing technologies - and offer a range of services to Government and Public Sector organisations.

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