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We believe that those doing the greatest good deserve the best tech to amplify their work, showcase their impact, and raise more funds. Discover the results and influence of our digital programmes within the nonprofit sector

Our theory of change

Lightful’s Theory of Change guides our work to create a more resilient nonprofit sector that has equity in access to tools and funding. It provides a causal model that connects our activities to outcomes, based on our deep understanding of the factors contributing to organisational resilience. We created our Theory of Change in consultation with NCVO’s Evaluation and Impact team and we have updated it as our learning programs have evolved.

Lightful’s Theory of Change maps, and holds us accountable to, the impact we want to have in the world. This, in turn, delivers multiple benefits for the nonprofit sector and its funders:

  • Effectiveness - Lightful’s Theory of Change provides the foundation for our rigorous measurement approach to understand how well our work is achieving our stated impact

  • Continuous improvements - we can measure how well our programs are performing in real time so we can constantly look for, and implement, ways to make them better

  • Transparency - we have systematically mapped our work to provide a shared understanding across stakeholders enabling open communication and informed decision making

Download Lightful's Building Resilience Impact Report to find out more about our Theory of Change, and how we work together with funders, participants and partners to create impact in a sustainable and demonstrable way.

Our latest impact report

We care about building resilience in the long term, which takes focus and determination in the short term. Throughout 2023, our commitment to fostering change and empowering nonprofits through our learning programmes and digital tools has been unwavering. In 2023 alone, we worked with over a thousand nonprofits from all over the world.

2023 also saw the rollout of our longitudinal study, the first survey we have created that explored the long term impact of our programmes. We were so thrilled to hear how the nonprofits we’ve worked with continue to deliver incredible impact in their communities, enhanced with the skills they learnt during their time on our programmes.

Dig into the data in Lightful's Building Resilience Impact Report.

Lightful’s longitudinal impact study key insights

Our message and our mission over the past five years has been consistent: to help nonprofits become better storytellers, build trust, and raise more funds online. For the past five years Lightful has been delivering digital capacity building programmes to over 3,000 organisations. From the largest philanthropic foundations in the world, to the smallest nonprofits, we are working with changemakers of different sizes and cause areas to help build digital resilience within the sector.

In December 2023, we launched a study to examine the impact of the BRIDGE programme on nonprofit organisations over the past five years. We asked about the impact of BRIDGE on their ability to tell authentic stores, enhance financial support for their vital work, and increase the positive effect on their communities. We received 253 responses from participants in 40 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and different corners across the USA, representing cohorts sponsored by 19 funders.

And we are so proud of the results. The data shows that participation in BRIDGE leads to:

  • building long lasting impact

  • building key digital skills

  • building financial resilience

Discover more in Lightful's Building Resilience Impact Report.

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