#ReclaimSocial reached millions through thousands of positive messages

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
08 Feb 2019

On Wednesday 6 February, thousands of messages were shared across social networks to spread positivity and reclaim social for good.

Last year we launched #ReclaimSocial to counteract all the negativity that we see on social media and it had such a good response that we wanted to turn it into an annual event. This year we were delighted to have the support of membership organisations, including CharityComms, NCVO, Small Charities Coalition, the Institute of Fundraising, Charities Aid Foundation (Giving Tuesday UK) and ACEVO to help us reach more charities and individuals in their networks to get them involved in the campaign.

More than 6,500 messages using #ReclaimSocial were shared on social networks, reaching 21 million people! We also trended on Twitter! And it was all thanks to YOU.

It was really inspiring for all of us to see that people need more positive news on their news feeds and we couldn’t be happier seeing all these wonderful organisations sharing their own impactful stories.

It is also reminding us how important it is to highlight the positive side of social media on a more regular basis.

Rich Ward, Social Media Manager of RNLI wrote a great blog post for the Institute of Fundraising mentioning among others:

#ReclaimSocial day held every 6 February is an attempt to counteract the negativity and show that, with the right priorities in place, social media can be harnessed as a powerful force for good. However, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes a little more than 24 hours of uplifting social media content a year to change the world for the better. At the RNLI, using social for good is at the heart of what we do on our channels and this consistent, long-term approach has yielded some amazing results for us”

According to Bernard Muscat, Senior Social Media Officer of Macmillan Cancer Support,

‘Having cancer may be an isolating experience, but social media allows people to find people with similar experiences to theirs, as well as locate support’.

Moreover, Joe Cassidy, Social Media Officer of International Rescue Committee mentioned about the day:

“The IRC was proud to join a raft of others in sharing some positivity across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We recognise that social media can sometimes be a negative and disempowering place. For #ReclaimSocial, we have chosen to highlight our life-changing work by sharing inspiring refugee stories and showing that it is possible to enact positive change.”

There were so many amazing messages shared and we’re delighted that so many charities, organisations and individuals got involved.

Here are some examples of those who joined the day (which was REALLY hard to choose!).

You can find more of them in our Twitter Moment full of inspiring and positive messages.

WWF UK shared lots of inspiring tweets with a call to action to email your MP to stand up for the environment.

The Samaritans shared a video with tips on how to be a good listener using their S.H.U.S.H method.

Small Charities Coalition gave a shout out to all the small charities in the UK who make up 97% of the sector and thanked them for giving them positive stories to share.

Macmillan used #ReclaimSocial as an opportunity to thank their supporters and colleagues.

The Institute of Fundraising shared stats around the impact that charities make to society through their fundraising efforts.

Action for Happiness is always sharing positive messages (which is why we love them so much) and #ReclaimSocial was no exception.

The Bike Project thanked everyone who has volunteered for their Bike Buddy and workshop spots. Love their GIF game.

Chance for Childhood shared Becky’s story to highlight how support from donors and fundraisers makes a difference.

Even our friends across the pond got involved in #ReclaimSocial!

And it wasn’t just charities that got involved. Here are some lovely #ReclaimSocial tweets from people in the sector and individuals.

Whilst #ReclaimSocial was a huge success on the day, the best part is that the hashtag continues to be used throughout the year. Let’s keep on spreading positivity!

Let’s make sure we stay positive every single day! ????

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