What International Women’s Day means to Lightful

Anna Wiseman
07 Mar 2023

The Lightful team shares their reflections and hopes this International Women’s Day (IWD).

I volunteered to write this blog as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate a great global campaign and also to reflect on a year since I joined Lightful. IWD means a lot to me. For many years it has seemed to me that wherever I look, I see patriarchal structures underpinning injustices in the world, small and large. The misogyny openly expressed by some of the world’s global “leaders” and elected officials (to give just one example) is enough to fuel many lifetimes of anger. Whilst I usually find myself in a permanent state of fury and frustration, on this International Women’s Day, I find my anger cooled and my sadness comforted by the hope and tenacity of those around me.

I joined Lightful in March 2022 as I wanted to ensure that my career had a positive impact on the world, and I wanted to work with others who felt the same. A year on, and it’s an understatement to say I have no regrets! I am so proud that Lightful is able to support thousands of grassroots nonprofits all over the world.

The content-planning gods must have been smiling at me for this IWD-themed blog as we’ve just recently launched a BRIDGE programme with a new cohort of 170 grassroots organisations, all focused on gender justice and reproductive rights. The other way to look at it is that there is so much support needed in this area that it’s no surprise that we’re working in this field more than ever. Thankfully there are some amazing forward-thinking philanthropists and foundations supporting these organisations – let’s hope this continues. We’re working with the amazing people in these 170 organisations to gain the skills and confidence they need to raise awareness and funds for their work online.

This cohort, in particular, helps me feel hopeful, and proud, this IWD. It represents the breadth and depth of need, but also support, for gender justice and reproductive rights. A range of different foundations and philanthropists have come together with a shared vision to support 170 grassroots organisations to grow their impact and future-proof their work for the benefit of their communities.

I have also definitely found those like-minded people I was looking for at Lightful, and here is just a handful of them who wanted to share what IWD means to them too:

International Women’s Day is one of Róisín McGovern’s favourite awareness days. Róisín is our Digital Fundraising Coach and this year she wants to celebrate women in tech, and amplify female voices online.

Jasmine Warren is one of the newest additions to our team of fabulous Relationship Managers. For her, International Women’s Day is also a time of reflection:

And, she wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the work of the amazing charity Education for All, Morocco.

Our Chief Impact Officer Johnny Murnane sees International Women’s Day as a marker of hope for the future.

We asked one of our MD’s, Susie Perks, why International Women’s Day is important to her, and she wanted to shout about the work that Bristol’s Women’s Voice do.

A couple of our other amazing Relationship Managers; Nikki Briand and Naz Sadati wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing grassroots organisations they have been working with in the gender justice-focused cohort.

For Nikki, it’s an anti human-trafficking organisation called Astra and for Naz it’s Project Soar which works to empower teen girls to become leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our People & Engagement Manager, Amy Hodari, is celebrating the fabulous women she works with here at Lightful - here here!

Last, but by no means least, our CEO Vinay Nair tells us what International Women’s Day means to him.

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