Reclaim Social Podcast S02E01 – Beth Kanter

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
13 Jul 2020

The first episode for S02 of the Reclaim Social Podcast is now live! 🎉 It’s been four months since the end of the first season and we’re ready to talk to more inspiring guests.

Our first guest for the second season is Beth Kanter, nonprofit expert, master trainer, author and Lightful’s Senior Advisor. We’ve interviewed Beth back in February so we can reassure you that this interview does not include any references to COVID-19.

Beth is a pioneer in the nonprofit sector and she has followed closely all the big trends ever since Twitter was still a small community of people trying a new shiny toy. We’ve asked her about the future of social media, the impact of AI in our lives and also the things we need to focus on when building our digital skills.

Enjoy! 🎧

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The future of digital for nonprofits with Beth Kanter

We’ve talked about many things with Beth, including:

  • The evolution of social networks

  • The future of social media and what it means for nonprofits

  • The age of automation

  • The impact of AI on consumers

  • How to curate uplifting content on social media

  • What are the best ways for nonprofits to build their digital capacity

  • How to build new habits as a small nonprofit when learning new digital skills

  • How to keep up with the latest trends as a small nonprofit

  • Content curation for building new skills

  • How to bring participatory training online (this was even before COVID-19!)

  • One thing Beth would like to see change this year in digital communications for nonprofits

  • How to avoid digital burnout

  • How Beth takes care of her own digital wellbeing


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