Listen to the Reclaim Social podcast – Episode 1

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
03 Apr 2019

We are happy to announce that we’ve just launched our brand new Reclaim Social podcast.

The #ReclaimSocial campaign started last year in an attempt to counteract the negativity that exists on social media. Since then, the campaign has reached 40 million people and all the messages had been extremely encouraging.

That’s when we realised that we should explore new creative paths to spread this message.

Introducing the Reclaim Social Podcast

The Reclaim Social podcast is an opportunity to hear from the people who joined the campaign on how we can make social media more inspiring. Everyone has a powerful story to share with all of us and it’s time to amplify their voices.

Despite all the negative stories we hear every day, we still believe that social media can be more positive. Not with a forced positivity but with stories of the impact that prove that social media can and should be used for good.

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Listen to the first episode

In our first episode, we are talking to Mike Keating, Digital Communications Manager at the Samaritans and Molly Clarke from the digital team of CharityComms.

Mike and the Samaritans have run many successful digital campaigns knowing the importance of finding a balance between uplifting and motivational content when trying to reach people who are going through hard times.

Molly and CharityComms are all about inspiring people working in charity comms and they certainly understand the power of social media.

We’ve had a great conversation with both of them and it was interesting to hear their different perspectives on the state of social media, how charities can highlight their work and how we can all be more mindful with our use of social platforms.

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