Lightful's Impact Report 2021

Vinay Nair
26 Apr 2022

Since we first started Lightful many years ago – from the kernel of an idea that has now evolved to an exceptional team delivering exceptional work – we have always stated that technology can and must act as a ‘force for good’. Articulating what that means in practice is not straightforward, yet it is something we have been hard at work on for some time now.

Today, I am really pleased to share Lightful’s very first Impact Report.

In a world filled with multiple challenges, never has it been more important to create and enable positive social and environmental impact. Having gained official B Corp certification at the height of the early lockdowns, 2021 was our first full year as a B Corp. And what a year it was! From helping local nonprofits to increase vaccine uptake in their communities, to supporting young climate champions through COP26 – we know that technology can play a powerful role in multiplying impact.

Lightful’s Learning programmes and digital Products were used by thousands of highly impactful nonprofits across the world, and our customised Solutions delivered transformational impact to charities’ end users and those in most need.

I am so proud of what our amazing team and all our stakeholders have accomplished this year, in the most challenging of circumstances.

Impact has been woven into everything we do since day one – from the charities we work with to the people that make up our team, from the environment we share to the supply chain we give our custom to. Recently, one of our co-founders Johnny Murnane became Lightful’s first Chief Commercial and Impact Officer, to help ensure we always positively align our impact objectives with our commercial responsibilities.

We want to do even more, though. As we grow and develop, we are dedicated to holding ourselves accountable for our progress towards deeper and wider impact.

We hope you enjoy our first Impact Report, and we’d love to get your feedback. We look forward to your kinship and partnership, as we drive the positive change that is needed now, more than ever.

Please find the link to our report below, and if you want to find out more about our work, reach out to us here.

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