GlobalGiving and Lightful Partnership

Supporting nonprofit organizations to become more resilient as they come to the end of long-term funding


When long-term funding draws to a close, the impact on small nonprofits can be significant. For those without a diversified range of donors who have become reliant on the funding, it can be difficult to sustain operations. An effective strategy to help grantees transition out of funding is by supporting them with capacity building that focuses on building their audience and donors. This is what Lightful and GG’s BRIDGE program is designed to do.

We achieve this by supporting grantees through: 1:1 coaching by nonprofit experts, masterclasses, on-demand learning content and access to a bespoke social media platform. Which is funded by leading partners around the world, including Patagonia, UBS Optimus Foundation, JPMorgan Foundation, GIZ, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Hewlett Foundation, the Malala Fund, and many others which you can read about here.

Lightful and GlobalGiving

Lightful's first ever program was funded by Comic Relief for exactly this purpose - to help grantees they were sunsetting (or in their language, 'exiting') to continue to thrive. The BRIDGE program helps nonprofits not only build their resilience during the program, but long after the program has ended. This can be a lifeline for organisations ending long-time grants.

The BRIDGE program is a tried-and-tested applied learning program specifically designed to help small nonprofits grow sustainably. This program enhances their digital capacity, storytelling skills and supports them to raise more money through the GlobalGiving platform.


Cynthia Muhonja
Executive Director, Life Lifters Kenya

"We are a grassroot organization whose main source of income is donations. We are currently actively working on getting traditional funders and foundations to fund our work but the truth is we are struggling. This training would provide us with an opportunity to learn on how to leverage digital channels to be able to pull in enough resources to implement our programs”.

We are delighted to report that during the campaign, they not only met but exceeded their fundraising target by an impressive 150% and have laid a strong foundation for the future.

Global Roots
Gates, GG May 2020

“Just one year after taking part in Bridge, my organization won a UN grant and that’s something we were far too unorganized and unfocused to win previously. We now have razor-sharp focus thanks to Bridge. We increased our revenues 100% and donor retention is also up.”

Participating nonprofits raise on average 79% more funds by going through BRIDGE
Previous participants use the skills from the BRIDGE program at least weekly after the program

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If you would like to learn more about how The GlobalGiving and Lightful program could support your grantees ending long-term grants, we would be thrilled to discuss this with you further.

Vinay Nair

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