Social media round-up for charities #17

Tereza Litsa
Marketing Manager
17 Sep 2019

Welcome to our 17th social media round-up! Keeping up with changes to social media can be hard and time-consuming, which is why we do it for you. We scour the web and put together the most useful and interesting links. Enjoy!

Instagram launches Donate Sticker for Stories

It’s finally here! Instagram has launched the Donate Sticker for Stories, which allows both nonprofits and their supporters to raise money through the platform. WWF UK was part of the launch and Nicola Gee (who you can hear on our #ReclaimSocial podcast) blogged about the experience.

You can only use this feature if you’re signed up to Facebook’s Giving Tools. Not signed up? Here’s a helpful post from GivePanel. Also, if you need some ideas on how to use the Donate sticker, check out this handy post on Nonprofit Tech for Good for inspiration.

Post to your Facebook Top Fans

You may have noticed that your Facebook Page now has a Top Fans feature. These change every week and are a list of who your most engaged fans were that week (who interacted the most with your posts, through likes, reactions, comments and shares). And now, you can target a post just to them!

This is a really good feature when running a campaign as they are your warmest, most engaged audience. Or, if you’re looking to do some research and get feedback, this could be a good way to ask for it.

To post to your top fans, simply create a post as normal and then choose ‘top fans’ in the dropdown where ‘public’ is the default.

Twitter unveils study into UK audience

Despite being global, Twitter has always focused its audience data on the US. If you look at your audience insights, the default is the United States, which can’t be changed. So it’s about time they released information for UK audiences.

The study, done with data scientists, looks at the communities that thrive on Twitter and drive the conversation. There are lots of interesting communities that nonprofits could tap into, in the right way.

“The study uncovered key motivations for people taking part in their communities. These included feeling part of a broader conversation, staying connected and accessing up to date information and news. There was also a place for discovering entertaining content and receiving emotional support; and finally the opportunity to influence others.”

Instagram to let you schedule posts

Finally, you’ll be able to schedule your Instagram posts directly. But only for business accounts that are linked to a Facebook page so if your nonprofit hasn’t changed to a business account, we really recommend you do this. Not only will it be helpful for scheduling, but you get access to Instagram Insights too.

Interesting reads

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Roisin McGovern
Relationship Manager
12 May 2021
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Last year the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges across many sectors, but especially for nonprofits, many of which were previously reliant upon in-person events and more traditional means of fundraising. At Lightful, we’ve been working with charities to understand how the pandemic has affected the sector and what’s become evident is that digital fundraising skills are vital in adapting to the ‘new normal’ that has emerged following the pandemic.

Roisin McGovern
Relationship Manager
16 Apr 2021

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