Last year we launched #ReclaimSocial on 6 February, whose aim was to counteract all the negativity that takes place on social media – particularly on Twitter. We asked charities, sector organisations and influencers to get involved and tweet about something positive using #ReclaimSocial. The response was overwhelming, with over 10 million people reached in just five hours. We even had billboards across London!

We supported #YouMadeItHappen in November last year and now is the perfect time to remind people of the difference we make and to celebrate the wonderful people who support us.

This year we’re making it more of a collaborative effort with other organisations such as Social Misfits Media, IG Advisors, CharityComms, the Institute of Fundraising, NCVO and  ACEVO getting involved to cast the #ReclaimSocial net even wider.

The goal is to get individuals and charities to spread good news and stories so that we can inject positivity into people’s newsfeeds. Combined, it will be a chance for the sector to showcase all the great work we’re doing and how we can be at the forefront of putting positive, strong, hopeful messages on Twitter and across all social networks.

Once again, we’re asking YOU to get involved! We want to make this an annual event, although please do use the hashtag throughout the year too like 28 Too Many has.

28toomany Tweet
This won’t have an impact without you. After all, as charities, you have the best stories to share.

How to get involved

#ReclaimSocial takes place on 6 February so start planning now! Luckily we have a StoryBuilder template on our platform that will help you plan your content. It’s free to use too. Or simply add your content to your social media calendar.

Examples of what you can share

  • Overall positive news – share a story that made your day!
  • How your charity is making the world a better place – stories of impact, from the smallest win to the biggest success
  • How you’re supporting charities as an individual – have you helped an organisation doing amazing work?

If you need additional inspiration, here’s some great examples from last year.

Show your impact! Have you got some stats to share?

All We Can UK tweet

Share a story of one of your volunteers and the difference they make.

Blind Veterans Reclaim social

Give a shoutout to another organisation who is doing great work.

Plunkett Foundation

Simply explain why you’re getting involved!

Wateraid UK

Share why social media CAN be positive and a force for good.

Winstons Wish GivingTuesday UK

There are so many ways you can get involved! Will you join us on 6 February and get #ReclaimSocial trending?

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