Facebook Analytics: What’s changed in 2021?

Roisin McGovern
Relationship Manager
12 Aug 2021

Facebook recently announced that they are removing Facebook Analytics. Facebook Analytics was a tool that allowed individuals to see how their Facebook followers were interacting with their pages and content. As of June 2021, it is no longer available, but what does this mean for your organisation and your social media data?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to access important and useful data but you just need to look for it in a different place! In fact, Facebook made these changes as part of an initiative to streamline their business tools. You can now access audience insights across Facebook and Instagram from one place - Facebook Business Suite.

What alternative Facebook tools can you use?

Facebook Business Suite - you can manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts in one place, and access detailed insights about your audience, content and trends. Another great feature is that it allows you to view and respond to Facebook and Instagram messages in one inbox, very useful!

Facebook Ads Manager - you can view, manage and monitor the results of your paid advertising campaigns

Facebook Events Manager - you can monitor website activity by setting up the Facebook pixel

Let’s delve a little deeper into the Facebook Business Suite

Insights can help you better understand your audience and the results of your online content. You can find out which digital strategies work well, and which need improving.

At Lightful we truly believe in the power of ‘test and learn’:

  1. Test out ideas and strategies
  2. Monitor and review content
  3. Adapt strategy based on learnings
  4. Achieve better results!

So, what information can you access on Facebook Business Suite?

  • The performance of your Facebook Page
  • The performance of your Instagram business profile
  • Your ad spend
  • Organic and boosted post content engagement - likes, comments, shares
  • Demographic and geographic summaries or people you like your Page and follow your Instagram business profile

Business Suite is available for desktop and mobile, so you can monitor your social media performance wherever you are!

The Power of Analytics

We want to make sure you’re aware of the changes on Facebook so that you can fully leverage the power of analytics. Social media insights allow nonprofits to make a big impact with a little budget.

By adapting your digital campaigns and tailoring social media content to your followers' needs and interests, you can save time and money all while driving better results. By listening to your online community and responding to their digital behaviour, you can create content that makes them stop scrolling, and inspires them to take action and support your cause.

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