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Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
25 Feb 2019

The social media landscape is constantly evolving and your team should be too!

Charities are facing more challenges than ever before. Falling statutory funding, expensive traditional forms of fundraising, global data protection, trust issues from the general public to name a few. On top of all of these challenging headwinds is the increasing demands on their services.

Currently, only 45% of charities are using social media. This is surprisingly low when 61% of audiences would prefer to donate online.

The smallest charities often have some of the best stories to tell, and the most potential to engage donors thanks to their authentic frontline work. Given this, it is a great tragedy that they so often lack the necessary tools, skills and support to do so.

Stories about cancer survivors, women in need receiving aid boxes full of essentials, an adult with disabilities learning to ride a bike and more should and can be shared on social media. These highlight what you and your organisation do, why you do it, how it can and is already helping and then how your audience can get involved.

In the UK there are over 39 million people who are actively using social media. With such a large audience, there is great potential to reach an entirely new audience, either an audience to get involved with donations, volunteering or those you are helping within your organisation.

Charities with high digital capabilities are twice as likely to save time, twice as likely to increase donations and 10 times more likely to save costs.

About the DigiLeaders360 programme

To keep you ahead of the curve, Lightful and Social Misfits Media are partnering with NCVO as part of DCMS’ Digital Leadership Fund to launch the DigiLeaders360 programme.

The DigiLeaders360 programme will include:

  • A one-day workshop with the Lightful & Social Misfits Media team in various locations around the UK throughout March
  • 12-month access to the Lightful Premium Platform
  • Free access to the Lightful Education programme
  • Access to monthly webinars

The in-person workshops will be held in:

  • London on 12th & 13th March
  • Liverpool on 14th & 15th March
  • Bristol on 19th & 20th March
  • Leeds on 21st & 22nd March
  • Newcastle on 25th & 26th March
  • London on 28th & 29th March

If you are looking to inspire, excite and upskill your leadership, staff and volunteers, then be sure to get involved in the DigiLeaders360 programme.

This is available to all UK charities and social enterprises and is fully funded by DCMS as part of the Digital Leadership Fund.

Up to three participants from your organisation can attend for free.

Please note that this programme is only open to those who are not currently in Lightful’s BRIDGE programme.

If this sounds like something you and your organisation would like to participate in, please sign up here.

Register to the DigiLeaders360 programme

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