#GivingTuesday 2019 – how charities celebrated the big day of giving

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
03 Dec 2019

#GivingTuesday is a global movement of generosity and it makes a great opportunity for charities and nonprofits to come together to celebrate their inspiring work. #GivingTuesday 2019 had been a great success and it was very inspiring seeing organisations sharing their messages of how they’re working towards changing the world.

As we’ve discussed before, there are many different ways you can join the day, so we’ve decided to look at how different charities posted during the day.

You can use this post as an inspiration for your next campaign, whether it’s for the end-of-the-year appeal or even your first campaign for 2020. We were even happier to see that so many charities have decided to use Lightful to plan their social media posts for the day along with our own BRIDGE participants who managed their #GivingTuesday campaigns using Lightful.

We couldn’t be prouder for all of you 💜

Blending online and text donations

Tiny Tickers Charity are big fans of #GivingTuesday and they’ve had a great success story in 2018. This year they were even more creative with their Giving Tuesday campaign. This is one of their posts during the day that highlighted the importance of raising 50 dolls to give out to hospitals. It was also a clever way to blend their different fundraising options by blending text and online giving as part of the campaign.

Promoting your winter appeal

You don’t always need a new campaign to be part of #GivingTuesday. You can simply launch your winter appeal and make it the start of a longer period talking about your cause and how every supporter can make a difference.

Adding context to how a donation can help

It’s not enough to ask for money during #GivingTuesday. You have more chances to engage your supporters by adding further context to your posts or by even telling an authentic story. Our friends at The Big Issue Foundation and Wac Arts posted several times during #GivingTuesday focusing on the impact and why every donation matters to their vital work.

Posting several times during the day

Nerve Tumours UK had been very productive during #GivingTuesday trying to differentiate their content to stand out. From sharing their own #MyGivingStory to sharing individual posts of how every contribution can make a difference, their social media presence had been very appealing today!

Creating graphics to make your tweets more powerful

Your messaging can be even more appealing with the right graphics. A good way to improve your engagement is to include relevant images and GIFs to your social media posts. Here is an example from Refugee Women Connect and how they’ve used the hashtag of #GivingTuesday to highlight the focus of their post.

Thanking everyone for the support

#GivingTuesday is not necessarily about fundraising. You can still thank your supporters or your volunteers for their dedication in a personal and authentic way. In fact, this approach can lead to longer-term wins for your organisation while building a relationship with your followers.

Using GIFs

Images can be very engaging but GIFs can be even better when sharing a tweet! They can instantly grab someone’s attention and you can even create your own GIFs through online tools. You can also use Lightful to browse through a library of GIFs that you can use for every occasion!

“Share your kindness”

It’s a great idea to encourage others to share their own moment of kindness as part of #GivingTuesday. In fact, Community First Yorks even came up with their own suggestions of how to embrace kindness in your daily life.

Different ways of support

It’s sometimes useful to provide different options of support to your followers so that they can pick the one that is more suitable to them.

For example, Playlist for Life have tweeted all the different ways that someone can support them, from donations to volunteering and even hosting a musical tea!

How a contribution can practically make a difference

Storytelling is always powerful in social media and it’s even better when it’s actionable. #GivingTuesday is the perfect opportunity to share important stories of how every contribution can make a difference for your organisation.

Get donations doubled

Street Child have had a very productive day during #GivingTuesday sharing several posts about their work and the reasons to support them. They have also decided to promote #SalaryRaise and the fact that the donations will be matched as part of their appeal with UK Aid Match. This is a great way to encourage supporters to donate as they could see the impact of their donations doubled.

Step-by-step actions

We really liked the post from SOLE Colombia and how their image was explaining the steps required to support their campaign and give long-lasting peace to Colombia. The image was simple and appealing making it more powerful and relevant for their cause.

Looking at more posts from #GivingTuesday 2019

If you want to look at additional posts from organisations that joined #GivingTuesday 2019, you can look at our Twitter Moment where we’ve collected the posts of several charities and nonprofits that tweeted today using Lightful. 💜

#GivingTuesday 2019 + Lightful = 💜

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