Celebrating Small Charity Week

Kirsty Marrins
Digital communications specialist
19 Jun 2018

This week is all about celebrating small charities and the amazing work that they do. Small charities make up 97% of the third sector in the UK, yet they often struggle to have their voices heard and raise funds to keep their doors open. In this post, we want to highlight some of the resources out there to help small charities thrive.


Lloyds Bank Foundation announced that their new five-year strategy aims to put more trust in the hands of the small charities it funds. Their grants will fund core costs so that small charities can worry less about keeping their doors open and get on with what they do best – helping people in their communities. They also launched a new report called The Value of Small.

Yesterday, CEO of Lloyds Bank Foundation, Paul Streets, announced that they will: have less restrictive funding for longer, provide more and better development support, and have more influence by reaching more small charities.

Lloyds Bank Foundation is not the only foundation, of course, who offers grants to small charities. Hopefully though, more will follow in their footsteps when it comes to providing grants for core costs and not just services or programmes.

Peer-to-peer support

If you’re a CEO of a small charity then you’ll totally relate to this blog by Mandy Johnson, CEO of Small Charities Coalition – From strategy to sandwiches: small charity CEOs do it all. You may also find Mandy’s vlogs useful to watch on YouTube.

CharityConnect also has some great blog posts and discussion for CEOs of small charities. There is also a private group, which is invitation only. Just tweet CharityConnect to request access.

Facebook groups: there are a whole host of Facebook groups that you can join for support, information and advice.


We know how hard it is for small charities to access everything they need – from software to training – for free or an affordable price so we put together this handy blog post of free and discounted resources.

Zurich for Charities has created a handy Twitter moment of all the useful resources for Small Charity Week

Are you celebrating Small Charity Week? Tweet us what you’re getting up to.

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